FACADE NFT  Team believes that people learn to express various emotions without openly discussing their true feelings during their school years before the rigidity of society takes hold. To convey these emotions, our NFT story utilizes the concept of masks.

As the web designer for FACADE, an NFT team that includes members from Korea, Canada, and the United States, I am responsible for designing a website that accurately reflects our brand's essence.

My primary focus as a web designer is to develop a website that engages users and encourages the exploration of our NFTs. To achieve this, I am researching and designing various functions, such as a diary board, fiction section, and ticketing system. The overall color scheme was chosen to be dark, complementing the NFT illustrations while evoking a certain mood. I also incorporated hand illustrations that align with the school concept to further immerse users into the world of Facade NFTs.
Overall, my goal is to ensure that the FACADE website reflects our brand's unique story and captures the attention of our target audience.

︎ Roles :
Web designer

︎ Duration :
3 months 2022

︎ Tools :
Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Hand Drawing


The team members have identified specific needs for a project that caters to the interest in NFTs, targeting individuals from ages 10 to 30. The goal is to create a web page with diverse items and a comic-inspired feel, incorporating graphic elements that align with NFT icons.


The web pages are composed of four distinct color points, creating a visually appealing and cohesive design.
Given the inclusion of various images, a simple layout is adopted to enhance readability.
The design aligns with the NFT mood by incorporating a school-themed background.
The flow of the pages includes a dynamic menu and subpages with movements reminiscent of gaming experiences.

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