This project focuses on the subjects of consumption and sustainability. The course’s goal was to create an index with complex data. Our team created an index that provides a complete and informative outlook on everyday objects that are harmful to the environment. The user can explore the index’s various objects and access every object’s information page, displaying the object’s life cycle.

︎ Roles :
Concept, Research,
Visual identity

︎ Duration :
3 months 2023

︎ Tools :
Figma, Adobe illustration


This project aims to develop an application that facilitates healthy social activities while engaging in hobbies. The goal is to create a platform where individuals can learn new hobbies, share existing hobbies with a diverse group of people, and enjoy them together.


With the advancement of technology, many people use their smartphones to connect with others, even when meeting new people. In the era of using apps for various social interactions, there is an identified need for an application that makes it even more convenient for individuals to pursue their hobbies, including taking classes and joining gatherings.

To address this need, an analysis of existing hobby-related apps and apps facilitating social interactions was conducted. Based on this analysis, the needs of users of existing hobby and socializing applications, as well as potential users, were identified. Through face-to-face interviews with three individuals, more detailed pain points were uncovered.

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