Loove is a tennis socks brand based in New York City that is set to launch simultaneously in the United States and Korea. It offers socks that perfectly complement an Athleisure look, suitable for everyday wear. Loove is a tennis sock brand that offers customers a unique and stylish experience, designed to complement everyday Athleisure wear.

As a graphic designer, I played a pivotal role in developing the brand identity, ensuring that it appeals to the target audience and resonates with the brand's core values. I was responsible for the overall brand opening, including branding and package design. Our focus was on meeting the needs of customers who want to emphasize the tennis brand identity, with branding that appeals to young women. The logo is designed to remind you of tennis and tennis balls. The package design is also inspired by a tennis court, adding a fun and playful touch to the overall brand identity.

︎ Roles :
Branding designer

︎ Duration :
1 month

︎ Tools :
Adobe Illustration, Photoshop, After Effects

Branding Goal

Target : Branding for a tennis sock brand targeting young women in their 20s and 30s:

The goal is to visualize the brand with a cheerful mood and graphic elements that evoke the spirit of tennis. Aim for a lightweight yet fashionable sock graphic design.

Designed a text logo with a background evoking a tennis court and capturing the movement of a tennis ball. Utilized a simple text logo that resonates with the brand mood and features a symbol logo incorporating 'OO' from the text logo to visually convey the brand as a tennis equipment provider.

Selected main colors inspired by the natural images of tennis balls, courts, and the sensations felt during tennis matches.

Opted for the clean and highly readable Myrial Pro font to complement the design.

For the packaging design that captures the tennis mood in line with the brand identity, I conducted interviews with actual sellers to create a design that is easy to hang. Additionally, I propose a paper bag featuring the logo and product information, along with a tape packaging that incorporates the logo play.

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