Picnic is a heart-throbbing experience that everyone loves, and our milk kit brand, picnik, provides exactly that kind of excitement. As a recipe meal kit brand, picnik offers not just food, but also the emotions that fit the occasion. Our product line includes Family, Couple, and Student meals, each accompanied by recipes designed for the situation.

To bring the brand to life, I based the design on the three primary colors, creating ingredients, recipe books, and board games that suit each situation. The logo and illustration are designed to be pop and rhythmical, capturing the essence of the brand.

The website is designed to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere, featuring appetizing food images that appeal to the senses. It's also organized to make ordering easy for anyone.

In conclusion, picnik is a brand that delivers not only delicious food but also the emotions and experiences that come with it. As a graphic designer, I have played a vital role in bringing the brand's unique story and identity to life, providing customers with a brand experience that is both visually compelling and user-friendly.

︎ Roles :
 Branding designer

︎ Duration :

︎ Tools :
Adobe Illustration, Photoshop, After Effects

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